Version 2.0.45

Yet another update that is mostly focused on bug fixes. Thanks to everyone who reported bugs via our discord!

Bug fixes

  • Frozen now counts as a debuff for Self Experiment, and Self Experiment can now freeze faces.
  • Updated the calculation of damage preview numbers to also consider multiplier symbols on a blitz face while blitz is active.
  • Weird Apparition now has attack 1 and is no longer harmless. This makes its roaming behaviour more consistent with other roaming enemies. It also fixes a rare bug where it would spawn on top of an existing enemy in the wave.
  • It is now possible to unlock frozen chests with keys.


  • Added a list of special thanks to the game's credits roll.
  • There is now a cap on the number of bouncing symbols that can be generated by Strategic Retreat. This prevents the game from slowing down when the player's shield is very high. (The amount of gold/health gained is not affected)
  • Bandit raid is no longer referred to as "Goblin raid" in campaign mode.
  • You can no longer get the trial that reduces your max health by 8 when your health is 8 or lower in Chaos realm.
  • It is no longer possible to get Demon Form as a random ability while in demon form.

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