Steam launch

Hello Circadian Dice players!

First, thanks for all your fantastic support since the game's launch two years ago. It's been amazing to see so many people play and enjoy our little hobby project :)

On July 5th, we will launch the game on Steam, and when we do we will update the game to version 3.0 with two new classes - the Bard and the Illusionist - and a lot of graphical tweaks and upgrades. Obviously these updates (and all future updates) will also come to the version, and we aim to provide a free Steam key to everyone who has purchased the game on here.

In anticipation of the Steam launch, the game will move from pay-what-you-want to paid on May 1st, with a price of $5.99, matching the price of the Steam version. Everyone who has paid at least $1 for the game before then will have access to all future updates and will not have to pay extra. If you have downloaded the game for free, you will still be able to use your currently downloaded files, but will not be able to download updates in the future.

So, to sum up: it's probably a good idea to pick the game up for cheap before May 1st! :)

Lastly, we would obviously love it if you wishlist the game on Steam and help us spread the word about the game!

Please get in touch here on itch or in our discord if you have any questions or feedback!

The Shuffle Up team

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If someone buys this game on itchio, which I have, will the progress made on the itchio version be transferable to the steam version?

Yes, it should automatically use the same save files if you start the Steam version on the same computer that you've been playing the itch version on. If you really want to be safe you could back up all the files in %localappdata%/Circadian_Dice before starting the Steam version. Thanks for supporting the game!

Hey everyone - just wanted to let you know that we've pushed the release date of the new version forward a few days to July 11 on both itch and Steam. Can't wait to get the new version of the game into everyone's hands - just a few weeks left!

Hey! Just posted on Steam instead of coming here first :( Thanks for providing keys to former owners :) Do you have an ETA for the key mailing?

My review should be ready by then ^^



We're planning to upload keys to itch once the game is launched on Steam, i.e., in July. Barring some unforeseen delays in the key request/upload process it should be very close to launch.

Thanks! Looking forward to it!


Guess I'll be buying this on steam then. Congrats!

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Valve has known for 2 and a half years that the Steam client began causing harm to users with several medical conditions after an update. They refused to roll back the update, have blocked safe workarounds for affected users, and support has told some customers asking for help with the problem to hurt themselves. Also since the issue began, but separately, they've committed multiple violations of privacy laws in several European countries and NZ and Aus (I know they've been reported to relevant authorities for it in at least 3 countries).

I'd strongly recommend buying here and getting a Steam key rather than buying direct from Valve and giving them any money for it.

EDIT: In case you need a source, here's a discussion of the problem that dates back to late November 2019, first reports were a few days after the update, which was the end of Oct.