Version 2.0.49

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the score counter for hard campaign mode to show an incorrect score on the scenario selection screen. 
  • Faces with both regular and fang attacks now deal the correct amount of damage to enemies with damage cap > 1.
  • Fixed a bugged interaction between ethereal and splash attacks.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the wave counter to display the wrong wave number for a brief moment.
  • Fixed a bug with roaming enemies that could sometimes cause enemies to overlap with an immortal copy of another enemy.
  • Fixed a bug where previewing an enemy in a future wave that grants an ability to other enemies would temporarily give the ability to the enemies in the current wave.
  • Spreading disease now correctly removes all previous debuffs on the face the disease spreads to.
  • You now correctly get one less turn per wave in normal campaign mode level 5, and one extra turn per wave in hard campaign mode level 1.
  • Disease can no longer spread from a face to a sun copy of the same face.

Balance changes

  • Removed the XP gain from Unholy Ritual. 


  • The description for Soulshatter Staff now correctly states that you gain health equal to the attack of the sacrificed enemy.
  • Updated the phrasing of some relic and ability descriptions.
  • "Each turn" abilities such as the Necromancer's skeleton spawn and the Depth Lurker's fear increase are now triggered after applying enemy curse damage. This means that they don't trigger for enemies that died of curse that turn. Most importantly this prevents the player from losing to fear from a cursed Depth Lurker before the Lurker dies.

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Version 23 Oct 09, 2021

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