Version 3.1

Version 3.0 (actually, 3.1) of Circadian Dice is now live!

The major changes in this version are two new characters (the Bard and the Illusionist), a bunch of new relics and abilities, and a lot of updates to the graphics and animations. We have also made many tweaks to the UI and balance of the game. 

In addition, the game is now available on Steam, and those of you who have purchased the game should be able to claim a Steam key from your download page, if you so wish.

Don't hesitate to contact us via our discord server or the forums with any feedback or questions you have! Obviously ratings and reviews on either store are also much appreciated.

The Shuffle Up Games team

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Version 24 Jul 11, 2022

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Hey I'm curious. Is the Ninja actually a woman? Since the Aspect of Ninjitsu animation has an unmasked woman.

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Congrats on Stteam launch, and I look forward to playing the latest build!

EDIT: Overall, I like the updated graphics, but the border around the currently-selected level isn't as obvious as I'd like it to be. Making the level's image change when selected would probably look cleaner. Also the bard is super fun to play! Haven't tried the illusionist yet though!