Version 2.0.46

Bug fixes

  • Blood Cloak now works correctly when your starting health is 7 or lower.
  • The game no longer crashes when pressing the cancel button in the Erase Profile dialog.
  • Weaken now works properly on enemies buffed by a Beast Rider.
  • Fixed a problematic interaction between Soulshatter Staff and Mummies.
  • Fixed a bug where Witch's Knife would occasionally transfer curse to the wrong enemy.
  • Attacking an enemy with ethereal with a die face that has both a regular attack and a fang attack now correctly reduces the ethereal by 1 rather than 2.

Balance changes

  • Demonic Pact now adds 5 temporal gold instead of 3 regular gold.


  • If you hold shift while using a targeted ability, the ability is automatically activated again if possible (you get to choose new targets).
  • Bandit raid is no longer referred to as "Goblin raid" in campaign mode. (For real this time)
  • There is now a cap on the number of shield symbols that can be generated as a result of not attacking with a melee attack. This prevents the game from slowing down when a face's melee attack value is very high. (The amount of shield gained is not affected)

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