Version 3.1.2

Bug fixes

  • Second Thought no longer rerolls locked faces.
  • Fixed a crash related to using Second Thought with locked faces.
  • Tale of the Warrior and Tale of the Dragon now correctly end if you take damage from rolling a diseased or cursed face.
  • Fixed a bug related to using Chronopunch on a late-game boss.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused too little damage to be dealt when attacking an enemy with both barrier and damage cap with a face that had both regular attacks and fang attacks.
  • Fortissimo and Crescendo now correctly trigger after a reroll where a reroll attack was made.
  • The "Disable Tutorial" button has been removed since it caused several issues and didn't have an important function.
  • Fixed a softlock bug that could happen when a kill from Windrider's Bow caused a levelup.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the Defeat screen to appear more than once in specific situations.
  • Enemy previews are now displayed correctly after a new wave has been added to the scenario (such as the Treasure Chamber in Ancient Tomb).
  • Fixed a bug related to Cursed Scarabs adding cursing attacks to trap faces with Specimen Hunt active.
  • An attempt was made to fix the intermittent and elusive bug that sometimes causes the damage preview numbers to be wrong on the third die. I haven't seen the error since writing the fix, but this bug is my archnemesis so it's probably still lurking in there.

Balance changes

  • Enemies can no longer randomly mutate to get ethereal, shield or barrier if they already have one of those abilities.
  • Mystic Mirror's effect has been changed to instead copy the face in the same position on the closest active die on the screen (so dice 1 and 2 copy from each other, die 4 copies from die 3 and die 3 copies from die 2 unless die 4 is active). This change was mostly made to prevent a strong combination with Misdirection that was a little too easy to set up.


  • Added many animations and visual effects.
  • Wand of Inspiration can no longer reduce the number of charges an ability has below 1. - The effect of Tome of Wisdom is now applied before the effect of Wand of Inspiration (so the number of charges is first increased by 50%, then reduced by 1). 
  • To prevent unfair deaths in Chaos Realm, Mooncaller Witch no longer kills you without warning if your rolled faces are already debuffed when you enter a wave where she's present.

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Version 26 Aug 02, 2022

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