Version 3.1.1

Bug fixes

  • The health bar now does not indicate that you would be healed from rolled hearts while the Demonologist is in demon form.
  • Fixed an issue where the health bar would sometimes show an inaccurate prediction when you would overheal from your currently rolled faces.
  • The random run button now behaves correctly when switching between normal mode and hard mode.
  • Fixed a soft lock related to enemies dying from Windrider's Bow triggers.
  • A frozen Sunstone Guardian now shows the correct text prompt when attacked by a piercing attack during the day.
  • The damage preview is now calculated correctly when a sun face with an attack multiplier is among the rolled faces during the day.
  • When a frozen illusion face is kept, the copied shop face no longer retains the frozen debuff.
  • Mindwarping an attack symbol onto an attack face with different properties now works correctly.
  • Performer's hat no longer allows you to lock faces with more than one symbol after using Glimpse the Future.
  • Random run can no longer select locked classes.
  • Wurfus's Saturday Stein can no longer add melee symbols to its faces if the Monk hasn't been unlocked.
  • The "mouseover for more" text on cursed bosses is now readable (it's shown in white rather than black).
  • Imp assistant now works correctly with Wurfus's fork.

Balance changes

  • Illusion faces now appear less frequently in the shop for all classes except the Illusionist.
  • Yin now deals piercing damage in order to help the Monk deal with enemies that have shield or barrier. 
  • Imp assistant's sacrifice trigger has been changed from "Gain a red and a wild gem" to "Add a random symbol to each moon face on this die".

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Version 25 Jul 22, 2022

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  • Illusion faces now appear less frequently in the shop for all classes except the Illusionist.

I LIKE THIS CHANGE! Wasn't a big deal but they did feel like they were showing up a bit more than I'd like. Keep up the great work!