Version 2.0.43

This is another update that mostly contains bug fixes, but also introduces a minor change to how roaming enemies are handled.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused the chain bonus to be calculated incorrectly for faces with both sun and chain symbols.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Barbarian portrait on the scenario selection screen to become displaced in certain situations.
  • Tower Riches can no longer be labeled as Lore chests.
  • The unlock notification for Mutagenic Goo is no longer erroneously shown when beating Moonstone Nexus for the first time.
  • The splash hit sound effect is no longer played when a Loot Gnome dodges a splash attack.
  • Erasing a profile now correctly resets all secret unlocks.
  • The level up ability selection prompt can no longer appear in front of the score screen.
  • The bottom row of relics now always animate correctly when selecting them.


  • There is now a cap on the number of blood/bone particles that can appear when an enemy is hit in order to prevent slowdown when making very big attacks.
  • If the last non-harmless enemy in a wave roams, you now move to the next wave immediately (you no longer play a turn with no enemies present).

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