Version 2.0.41

This is a small bugfix update that should resolve a couple of crash bugs along with a small change to the five-star score requirement for Noxious marsh. 


  • Starting to use more incremental version numbers for bugfix updates in order to not run out of "proper" version numbers for larger updates.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a rare crash related to the Second thought ability.
  • Onslaught no longer adds fang symbols to rolled traps.

Balance changes

  • The five-star limit for Noxious marsh is now reduced from 850 to 800 points in both normal and hard mode.

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Version 15 Jun 19, 2021

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First time downloading a new patch. Is there an easy way to keep my save file after downloading?

Fantastic game! I have only played a little bit but I'm excited to invest more time.

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You don't need to do anything - new versions work with old save files unless otherwise noted and they are stored in the same place. If you want to make a backup anyway the save files are located in %localappdata%/Circadian_Dice

(Oh, and if you use the client to run the game your game is patched with new updates automatically - no manual downloads needed.)

Happy to hear that you're enjoying the game! :)

Awesome! Thanks for the quick reply

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Hey,  love the game so far.

Just wanted to report a potential bug/feature? I don’t know. Maybe someone already discovered this:

As a cleric, if you roll a trap and add a shield symbol to it (through defensive stance) and then use shield bash, you can keep using the trap even if you fail the capture and it will eventually reach 100%.  Easy way to remove bosses. 

Keep it up! 

Yeah, that's ... not how it's supposed to work :). Thanks for reporting - I'll add a fix to the next update!


No problem! It was fun encountering an unintentional synergy like that. Haha 

Will keep on the lookout for other bugs/interactions :)