Version 1.0.6

This update contains bug fixes  and makes a few system changes related to captures and kills that hopefully make triggers and terminology more consistent and intuitive. Also, some secrets were apparently added?!

Enemy changes

  •  Avatar of Torment no longer has piercing attack.

UI changes

  • Added mouseover highlights to magic attack charge buttons.
  • Sound effects added to several UI buttons.

System changes

  • Trap captures no longer count as kills for abilities/triggers.
  • Reap captures now count as kills for abilities/triggers.
  • Defeating a chest or door no longer counts as a kill for abilities/triggers.

Bug fixes

  • Bane of Chaos's hands no longer pick up chests when overkilled with chest plate equipped.
  • The interaction between Avatar of Torment and lifesteal attacks is now more consistent. (The player doesn't die if the life stolen is enough to save them from the reflected damage.)
  • Fixed a rare bug where waves in hard mode Chaos realm could sometimes contain more than 5 enemies.
  • Cursed treasure can no longer erroneously be named "Lore chest".
  • Chests and doors can no longer be instantly killed by a captured Sewer Ooze.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some abilities to appear playable in certain circumstances when they have no legal targets.

Other changes

  • There is now a cap on the number of purple smoke particles that can be generated by a cursing attack.
  • Bane of Chaos no longer appears in normal mode Chaos Realm.

Secret updates

  • Added ???
  • Added ???
  • Added ???

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Version 7 May 24, 2020

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