Version 1.0.5

This update fixes several bugs, makes some quality of life changes related to rerolls and changes the effect of the Multivitamin relic in order to make it less similar to Angel's Touch.

Relic changes

  • Multivitamin no longer gives health and a white gem when cleansing a die face. Instead it adds a random symbol to the cleansed face.

UI changes

  • Reduced the amount of unused dice prompts that appear when none of the unused dice would have any effect.
  • The game no longer pauses for reroll attacks when the attacks can't damage any enemies.

Balance changes

  • Cosmic horror now has persist even when it is not frozen. This eliminates the risk of dying unexpectedly to fear if it thaws on the last turn of a wave.

Bug fixes

  • The damage preview text now correctly displays an arrow icon to indicate piercing damage when the associated face is charged.
  • It is now possible to charge a magic attack face with reroll activation between doing a reroll and attacking with the face.
  • Fixed a bug where enemies would sometimes survive with negative health after a captured Acolyte explodes.
  • Fixed a bug where an enemy dying from curse damage might fail to trigger Death nova or the Skelectron death effect.
  • The ability description for Gem Rush now correctly states that you gain one health per white gem you have.
  • If a face with a reroll bonus has attacks and keys you can now use both when rerolling it.
  • Unlocking or destroying a cursed chest now correctly doesn't trigger Witch's Knife.
  • Roaming enemies can no longer pick up chests between waves.

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Version 6 Apr 26, 2020

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